PRO FIGHT GOODS X PROLAST® 85 lb Boxing / MMA Heavy Punching Bag

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The "PRO FIGHT GOODS" PROLAST 85 lb - pound boxing heavy bag is a valuable addition to any home gym, providing you with an efficient cardio workout with each session. It features cotton filled fabric inside a durable RIP-STOP vinyl shell, and the filling gives it an even surface and a consistent texture throughout. This cardio bag helps to get your body in great shape.  This heavy bag can be used for MMA, boxing, kickboxing and can be used for indoor/outdoor purposes.

Durable outer shell provides consistent striking performance 
- Fill mix contains sanitized, synthetic fibers for prime shock absorption on impact
- Sufficient mass for people weighing 170 or more pounds
- Heavy-duty straps offer increased security

- Height: 48"
- Diameter: 14"
- Weight: 85 lb

- Made in USA